Admin Functions

  • Log in at
  • Use Appearance, Widgets to control the number of items to display in the left column for categories.
  • Go to Users, and in the left column select Add UNC User.  Add a list of ONYENs, one per line and select the role.

For All Posts

  • Enter a title and text.  Use the break icon to define where the teaser ends.
  • Upload an image and optionally make it the feature image in the right column.

Letters from the Director

  • Go to Posts
  • Add New (at top)
  • Add to the category Letters from the Director
  • Save or Update
  • Preview and copy the URL
  • Go to Appearance
  • Select Menu
  • Enter URL and menu label and click Add
  • Drag menu item to top
  • To remove old letters from the menu, select the older menu item and click Remove.
  • Save menu


  • Go to Posts
  • Add New (at top)
  • Add to the category for your group
  • Save or Update

User Roles

  • Administrator – Can change the site and add users
  • Editor – Can add / edit / delete all content without approval
  • Author – Can add / edit / delete own content without approval
  • Contributor – Can contribute content with approval
  • Subscriber – Can only visit, view and add comments to site

Knowledge Base

ONYENs and Guests

From a security standpoint, we strongly discourage using “local” accounts (username/password not affiliated with a UNC Onyen or Guest ID). As FYI, this Help document explains Guest ID’s and links to a registration page: